Typical starship Control Room
The correct name was the Control Room although most people (including crew) referred to it as a Deck, and the real nostalgic (or old fashioned) called it a Bridge, which was inaccurate as vessels of the vacuum ocean never fly or sail. They move from departure to destination on trajectories under the guidance and control of their central biological processing core which is integrated with every other system on board to form some of the most complex autonomous vessels ever created. They are automaton mechatronics and perform the task far better than biological entities ever can (although occasionally the crew undertake departure and arrival just for the fun of it). 
The vessels are multi-layered, interwoven and interconnected systems and structures that comprised work flows, engineering and electrical systems, communication and medical networks, surveillance and control rings, usage loading, energy and heat flows, environment, electromagnetic and logistic mappings, recreation and supply chains to mention just a few. And all this engineering is displayed on a curved oval screen (simple, solid and fixed) with five chairs for the specialist crew (who are totally unnecessary) who sit with a small control/display unit to their right and a set of pretty thin-film buttons at the fingertips